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PedalHeads Shop Rides in North Brisbane


We have road shop rides on Friday’s and Sunday’s, with other groups departing from the shop during the week (but not official shop rides). Sunday’s route is usually posted on our Strava and Facebook pages on Saturday and there are many routes around North Brisbane and the Friday ride is always the same time and route

We also have Trail rides most weeks on Tuesday evenings (6pm) and Saturday or Sunday mornings…follow our Facebook page for more details on these rides when they occur (No post = No ride).

Currently sanctioned shop rides

Friday Shop Rides
No wait rides – Fast paceline
0520 – Intermediate 1 – Average 29-31km/h [therefore cruising @ 30-32km/h]
0525 – Intermediate 2 – Average 32-34km/h [therefore cruising @ 32-36km/h]
0530 – Intermediate 3 – Average 35-37km/h [therefore cruising @ 36-40km/h]
0535 – Advanced – Average 38km/h+ [therefore cruising @ >40km/h]

Sunday Shop Rides
No drop rides
Easy Riders – Average ~23-24km/h [therefore cruising ~26-27km/h]
Intermediate 1 – Average ~26-27km/h [therefore cruising ~28-29km/h]
Intermediate 2 – Average 28-29km/h [therefore cruising ~30-31km/h]
Intermediate 3 – Average 31-32km/h [therefore cruising ~33-34km/h]
Advanced – Average 34km/h+ [therefore cruising ~36-40km/h]

Tuesday Shop Rides
To be introduced soon “TT Tuesday”
Aerobars permitted [Note use of Aerobars not permitted on Friday or Sunday rides]

Other rides may be introduced, for example, women only rides.

MTB Shop Ride
Everyone is welcome to join the group; we will cater for all and keep the pace nice and casual (we’re not out to race on these rides). Distance will depend on how everyone feels on the day (in most cases there will be a ‘bail’ point were riders can head off early too). If you haven’t been here before than this is a great time to get a guided tour, ride with some fellow riders, have loads of fun, have a yarn and a laugh, kick up some dust and have a great time. Mainly heading out Saturday morning at Bunyaville and Ironbark but keep a heads up on the Facebook page for any changes to location or time.

Objectives of Shop Rides

  • Safe and Enjoyable ride for all
  • Meeting the specified speed and characteristics of the ride [not too fast or slow]
  • Observing road rules and being respectful of other road users

General Requirements of Shop Rides

  • Riders must be 16 and over for Advanced rides
  • Under 16’s permitted in Beginner/Intermediate groups when accompanied by designated guardian or parent i.e. not “unattended”
  • Riders are expected to choose an appropriate group… do not overestimate experience or fitness for a particular ride
  • Ride leader has discretion if a rider is not equipped for a certain level of ride – In all matters Ride leader’s decision is final
  • Group size limits may be enforced on the day to ensure rides are safe and manageable. Decisions will be based on a combination of proposed route, weather, riders and other variables (i.e the group may be split)
  • All groups will follow the same protocol so there is no confusion or differences as people step up or down through the groups
  • Each rider expected to be self sufficient i.e. bring hydration, food, tubes & inflation for their own needs [of course others will assist and provide tubes/CO2 if forgotten…but that should not be expected]

Ride Requirements / Etiquette

  • Be predictable in actions and clear calls to let others know of what you are doing
  • Never more than 2 abreast – Keep lines disciplined i.e. neither out to the left or out to the right of the line of riders
  • Calling of hazards etc….from the front, preferably with hand signals than voice (particularly in residential areas early in the morning)…from the rear, obviously voice
  • No halfwheeling
  • Those on the front pedal downhill to limit following riders having to brake
  • No weaving between lines of riders
  • Circulate anticlockwise
  • Take your turn on the front or roll through if necessary, but keep the circulation flowing – no surging off the front and roll through when you cannot hold the pace on the front
  • When climbing hills the group may splinter given variable climbing abilities. Please take care to pass on the right of slower riders, do not remain more than two abreast and with the exception of Friday rides please allow the group to re-form after the climb (usually by slowing the pace but remaining in motion)
  • On many routes and as indicated by the ride leader there may be “sprint zones” where riders pick up the pace and sprint. The bunch will re-group afterwards
  • When turning or negotiating roundabouts be aware of cutting into the path of the other line of riders (when 2 abreast) – always “follow the curve” rather than cutting a straight line.
  • If you are breaking early from the ride or stopping please ensure the ride leader is made aware, preferably by communicating directly with the ride leader yourself

In case of incident i.e. mechanical or crash/fall

  • The group will initially stop in a safe manner, while the incident is assessed
  • To the extent there is no necessity for all riders to remain, then the majority should continue on the ride rather than stand and watch [do not feel obligated to wait]
  • The ride leader will initially coordinate at the incident – but may continue with the ride once comfortable the incident is under control [with other riders allocated/agreed to remain as necessary for the incident]
  • Any head knock requires the rider to end their ride and an ambulance to be called. By definition, the potentially injured rider would not necessarily be in a position to make a wise choice themselves

Concluding Remarks

Ride leaders are available to provide information and guidance on specific elements of group riding etiquette and protocols that we follow. In addition, we do periodically run short training courses to introduce riders to group riding – check our social media pages regularly, where upcoming courses will be advertised

We do not wish to have overly officious or regulated shop rides as it should be a fun and safe activity for all, provided everyone is aware of the expectations and is capable of the designated ride. However, we do reserve the right to temporarily or permanently exclude particular riders from the group if they continue to be unable to follow expected protocols.