• Wednesday

    A crowd favourite, the Dohles Rocks ride scratches the midweek itch for cycling. Up to three groups (depending how many riders show up) roll out around 5:20-5:30am for a 32km loop. The slowest group averages around 28km/hr and the fastest around 33km/hr. The route is north through Strathpine and east on Dohles Rocks Road, then back via the Petrie bikeway. Happy Hump Day!

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  • Friday

    Want to get faster? Thank Goodness It's Friday! Two to three groups will roll out between 5:15 and 5:30; the slowest group leaves first and aims for a 30km/hr average, which means roughly 34km/hr on the flat. The fastest group leaves at 5:30 and aims for... as fast as they can! The route is east along Linkfield Road to Sandgate, along the Brighton foreshore and back via Bracken Ridge Road and is approximately 32km. This ride takes no prisoners (within the law, of course) and as it's a weekday, the group may not wait for a split. If you're up for a challenge, we'd love to have you along! 

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  • Sunday

    These are what our community is known for. Every Sunday morning, up to five groups will take one of eight routes. The start time varies depending on the season (later starts in winter, earlier starts in summer) so make sure you check the calendar below for the route and the start time. The five groups are: 

    - Slow and steady 21-24km/hr average, so around 26km/hr on the flat

    - Group 1 25-27km/hr average; ~29km/hr on the flat

    - Group 2 28-30km/hr average; ~31km/hr on the flat

    - Group 3 31-33km/hr average; ~35km/hr on the flat  

    - Group 4 34+km/hr average; ~37km/hr on the flat - please note this group may not ride all weeks

    Please bear in mind these are averages across all our rides, so hillier rides may come back with a slower average, flatter rides may come back with a faster average. So Speeds will depend on flat or hilly terrain. 

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Please Note

Shop rides are restricted to those aged over 16 years. 

If you are new to our group and especially if you are new to road riding, please take the time to familiarise yourself with group ride etiquette - there is a great guide at 

https://www.pelotonevents.info/pce/index.php/about/ride-etiquette-safety and a similar, downloadable version at  https://www.tourdecure.com.au/media/1049/tdc-etiquette-guide.pdf

Feel free to ask any questions of our regular riders; some have been with this group for over a decade and are highly experienced. 

Riders are expected to obey road rules at all times, are responsible for their own safety and are recommended to have insurance in case of accidents. 


We are proud to have a safe and caring community, and this is entirely due to the care and responsibility of all individual riders. PedalHeads accepts no responsibility for riders' safety and attendance at a group ride is considered acceptance of this condition.