In addition to your rights under Australian Consumer Law (ACL), goods supplied by PedalHeads are covered by the original manufacturers warranty. If an item has failed and you believe it to be a claimable warranty please contact us at info@pedalheads.com.au and we will assist with the warranty return process.

We endeavour to assist in resolving warranty claims in a timely manner. However, different manufacturers do have different policies when it comes to assessing warranties. We can provide no assurances regarding the outcome and the timeliness of that outcome.

 Please refer to the warranty policy published by the manufacturer or brand for their specific terms and conditions. In some cases, to activate warranty (outside of ACL) the product may need to be registered with the brand.


Warranty Process

  • Contact us at info@pedalheads.com.au explaining the issue (with photos where appropriate), providing proof of purchase and telephone contact details

  • We will respond via phone or email to confirm the next steps (Which usually includes returning the product to us)

  • Please carefully package your items to minimise the risk of damage in transit

  • We recommend using a trackable delivery service to return your items. Pedalheads will not be liable for any goods lost in transit

  • We will notify you when we receive your items

  • The defective product must be returned and received by us within 14 days of completing and submitting the warranty


Outcome of Warranty assessment

Product found to be defective and under warranty:

  • We will repair, replace or refund (where repair or replacement is not an option)

  • PedalHeads will be responsible for reasonable freight cost of returning your product (please keep receipts for shipping)

Product found not to be defective or not covered by the Warranty:

  • We will contact you to provide details of the outcome from manufacturer
  • The product can be returned to you at your expense
  • Unclaimed items will be stored for 90 days before being disposed of