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Effetto Mariposa

Effetto Mariposa Effetto Tool TL Plug Kit

Effetto Mariposa Effetto Tool TL Plug Kit

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Fast Tubeless Tyre Repair Tyre plugs have become a standard way of fixing bigger punctures in tubeless tyres. With 'Tappabuco' (Italian for stopgap or literally hole plugger) Effetto Mariposa wants to offer a practical solution for road and off-road riding, easy to carry and fast to use. Easy to Carry Tyre plug tools need to be easily reached in case of puncture, but because of their sharp end, they should be carried in a safe way. Tappabuco is designed to work as a handlebar end-plug for road and mountain bike handlebars, and it can be carried inside most Shimano and SRAM bottom brackets. (it will fit holes with inner diameter between 15 and 20 mm). Keep the rubber tyre plug already in the Tappabuco tool to ensure fast puncture repair of tubeless tyres. Note If it's too difficult to remove the tool, simply lubricate the inside of the handlebar so that you can remove the tool and repair punctures quickly. Use the Right Sized Tool There is a specific version for 1.5 or 3.5mm plugs. While the bigger, more common 3.5mm plug is great for bigger punctures on MTB tyres, often a 1.5mm plug is enough for smaller holes or road/gravel tyres. Have one in each end is ideal. Use the 1.5mm tool for 1.5 plugs and the 3.5mm toll with the 3.5mm plugs. Using 1.5mm plugs with the 3.5mm tool may result in a hole too large for the 1.5mm plug to repair. Light Weight Tappabuco is made of high density silicone with a stainless steel fork, for maximum durability and adaptability.