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Kask Valegro WG11 Helmet

Kask Valegro WG11 Helmet

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Highly Ventilated KASK Helmet For All Day Wear
Offering advanced ventilation and an impressive weight of just 180g (size small) the KASK Valegro WG11 Road Helmet delivers maximum cooling through 37 ventilation holes and brings with it new breathable, and quick-dry, padding for all-day comfort especially when climbing or riding in hot conditions.

Wind Tunnel Tested
The profile of VALEGRO's polycarbonate shell has been wind-tunnel tested and refined by KASK's engineers to get the best results in terms of thermo-cooling performance. Alongside this cutting-edge technology, the chin pad with eco-leather strap (synthetic leather) is hypoallergenic, washable, and extremely comfortable for all-day wear, without irritation to the skin.

What Does WG11 Stand For?
The European Committee for Standardisation (aka CEN), is developing a method for measuring the absorption of energy from tangential (oblique) impacts, proposed by its technical committee on head protection. This group is known as the Working Group 11. KASK WG 11 requirements will also be informed by evidence from several other scientific publications and standards such as ECE 22.06 and more. Starting from 2020, every new KASK helmet that successfully passes the CEN WG 11 test will be easily identified by a dedicated "WG11 rotational and linear impacts test passed" tag. They will ensure they protect sensitive areas of the skull from rotational impact injury in the event of a crash.

Hyvent Technology
The Hyvent Technology used in the structure and design of the shell serves to implement the flow of air and break up the exchangeable heat.

High Breathability
Because the inner padding fibre speeds up the evaporation process of perspiration, it slows down the formation of humidity on the skin and keeps the temperature constant.

Antibacterial & Anti-Static
The inner padding fibre of the helmet has an antibacterial treatment that protects the skin from bacteria and dust pollutants, which, in turn, helps to eliminate the risk of annoying allergies. Because of its conductivity, the anti-static inner padding fibre is able to absorb and disperse electric charges accumulated from the environment or during physical exercise. The 5mm layer of fast-wicking thermoformed tri-dimensional padding is also heat-regulating and moisture transferring using Resistex Carbon.

Octo Fit Rubberised Micro Dial Adjuster
The KASK Valegro WG11 Road Helmet features a rubberised Micro Dial adjuster with improved finger grip. Floating cradle contact points combine internal gel pads for optimum comfort. These supports are designed to oscillate freely through 180 allowing a perfect fit on any shaped head. The Skeletal Brackets of the cradle have been designed and refined to provide the best fit and support whilst being as light as possible.

Higher Level Of Head Safety
The MIT Technology factored into the KASK Valegro WG11 Road Helmet guarantees a higher level of head safety, with complete polystyrene protection thanks to the polycarbonate layer that covers the shell on the top, on the base ring, and on the back.

Meets Australian Safety Standards
Making helmets light but also safe is no small task. Currently, there are three main standards for bicycle helmets; CE in Europe, CPSC for North America, and the AS/NZS 2063 standard for Australia and New Zealand. Australian Safety Standards are among the strictest in the world which means that when you're wearing this helmet with its AS/NZS 2063 certification you can be assured of protection as good as it comes.