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Vittoria Corsa Pro Control 700X28 Para

Vittoria Corsa Pro Control 700X28 Para

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The Vittoria Corsa Open Graphene 2.0 Folding Tyre is a high-performance road bike tyre designed for racing and training.
Featuring Vittoria's Graphene 2.0 compound technology, this tyre provides exceptional grip, durability, and puncture resistance. The Corsa Open also features a supple 320 TPI (threads per inch) casing for a comfortable ride and low rolling resistance. The tyre is designed with a slick center tread for low rolling resistance and side tread for improved cornering grip. The folding bead construction makes it easy to install and remove the tyre, and it is compatible with tubeless setups. With a size of 700 x 30mm, this tyre provides a balance between speed and comfort, making it ideal for long rides and races.

- Tyre brand: Vittoria
- Tyre model: Corsa Open Graphene 2.0
- Tyre type: Folding
- Tyre technology: Open Tubular (clincher with a handmade tubular construction)
- Graphene 2.0 compound technology for improved grip, durability, and puncture resistance
- Fast-rolling tread pattern with small, densely packed knobs for low rolling resistance and maximum speed on smooth roads
- Kevlar-reinforced casing for improved puncture resistance and durability
- Suitable for use on a range of paved roads, from smooth to slightly rough
- Lightweight construction for improved acceleration and responsiveness
- Colour: Para Sidewall